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Daily processes simplified

Choose all or ones that work best for your organization. Abstracted modules for seamless integration.


Reduce adjustment requests
with geofenced mobile clock-ins

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Employee Self Service

Reduce admin load on HR and promote transparency

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Hire faster, better candidate experiences from the get go

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Eliminate manual effort, run compliant payroll in a few clicks

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Track time for payroll, billing, job costings or resource allocation

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Spot performance gaps, identify top performers, reduce employee burnout

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Outsource the mundane
Lighten up your team’s repetitive work load with a quality HRMS software. Your team can migrate data painlessly, accommodate unique workflows and access on-demand live support.
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Kalyani KasarKalyani Kasar
04:51 09 Jan 23
Expense management features are very good, saves energy.
Siddhant ChandanSiddhant Chandan
16:37 08 Jan 23
It is an absolutely clean product, HRMS for growing teams. Loved it!!
Amey WankhedeAmey Wankhede
16:25 08 Jan 23
Very helpful and cordial experience.Looking forward for many such collaborations.
Vidhi TurakhiaVidhi Turakhia
18:24 01 Oct 22
Easy to use and train on, perfect for a small business as we could customize at an affordable price point
Anuj KainyaAnuj Kainya
18:20 01 Oct 22
Transformed our HR, so simple for any calibre of our workforce, and amazing service!
Driv V.
Driv V.
Great product! Great service! Overall: Great experience! Enterprising team, and very open to feedback. Pros: Loved the simplicity – saw my team adopt to it quick! Cons: Could use some enhancements with a few flows, but they are quick to adapt to feedback.
Jinal N.
Jinal N.
Easy and very good UI Pros: Thank you Vineet and team for a super smooth migration. We loved best- guidance and support during migration – everything on one system- facial recognition based attendance check in’s- payroll and compliance accurately connected with attendance – flexibility to set rules and workflows Cons: None so far, web app is a little verbose make it more like the mobile app
Smita M.
Smita M.
Easy to switch and use Overall: Easy to switch and use Pros: Truly boutique experience on the service and reachability. We were switching from traditional excel sheets to this software, excellent handholding and very simple to train the team. We are better managing attendance, know where the hybrid team is always, payroll is not a headache as it used to be. Cons: Not tried all the features yet, is very extensively built and more relevant to media and production houses
Vineet A.
Vineet A.
Everything on one platform Overall: Smooth integration and daily usage, would recommend Pros: – Mobile app and ease of use- Check in check out with geofencing- Employees can schedule intelligently and without overlaps- Expenses management enables us to remotely handle the costs Cons: Can be improved – the internal communication tools
Sapna K.
Sapna K.
RootID Review Overall: Overall experience is satisfying, and employee tracking was never so hassle-free! Pros: Attendance marking & tracking, leave management and travel request are very simple to use. Android and iOS application makes it easier to access it in mobile as well. Cons: Used the software for 6 months now, haven’t faced any issues so far. Would definitely recommend this software.
Sudhindra K.
Sudhindra K.
Absolutely love this software! Overall: Overall, the experience is very satisfying and it has made the lives of us HR managers very easy. Payroll management has become hassle-free. I would surely recommend it to any colleague or friend who wants easier employee tracking, payroll management and attendance tracking for employees. Pros: The user experience is very satisfying and it is value for money. The after sales services are up to the mark. In the six months that I have used this software, there has not been a single issue with the app on android or iOS. Cons: Since I have been using this software since 4 months, I did not face any issue as of now. Only if the facial recognition feature would have been there, it would have made it easier.
Samradni A.
Samradni A.
The Human Resource management software is great, it performs its tasks very well. Overall: Root ID is very helpful for both employees and employers and the overall experience till now has been very good. Pros: Root ID comes with many such features which helps any organization to manage their staff efficiently, and it is very easy to use. Cons: though attendance tracking is efficient, facial recognition is required to make it foolproof.
Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
Great tool for organisations for efficient use of resources. Overall: It is a great tool to track and optimise the resources of any organisation reducing the man power required for the same job and this helps cut down extra costs and provide efficient tool Pros: The user friendly interface is the most prominent feature of this software, it is easy to use , operate and track the analysis reports. Cons: Nothing very specific, but some more features may be incorporated in the app.
Vedangi P.
Vedangi P.
RootID Review Pros: It has an user-friendly interface and great customer support. Cons: Could be better if we had a choice of language like Hindi apart from having instructions in only English
Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
Attendance and Leave Management Software Overall: Great app to see employee leaves, shifts and manage their own rotations. Gives clarity within my team as to resource availability. Pros: It makes managing employee data and scheduling shifts so much easier. The user interface is intuitive and the customer support team is always available to help with any issues. Cons: The only downside is that it takes a bit of time to get used to the system, but once you do, it’s incredibly user-friendly!