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Simplified their HR Tech across all entities

The Client:  Zoo Media is a homegrown media network of 7 agency brands. 

Key Pain Point: A mix of 4 software being used by HR for various functions such as applicant tracking, attendance and leave management, timesheets & payroll, leading to a common issue we've noticed across Indian firms, of inaccurate data and a time consuming payroll process with a bunch of bottle necks, error and human bias.

The Solution: Migrating to Root ID in phases, we eliminated the need for all 4 products being used, eliminated manual error and personal bias, and reduced payroll processing time down to hours as compared to 7 days. We also improved on transparency amongst the teams along with a seamless approval flow for various requests, thus eliminating the need for a bunch of whatsapp messages and email requests that lead to bottlenecks.
Leave to an articled clerk at a CA firm:

The Client: Todarwal & Todarwal LLP is a Chartered Accountancy Firm based in Mumbai

Key Pain Point: The client never considered an HRMS or even an attendance & leave management system as their key hires are articles, that have strange leave rules, as stated by the ICAI, that needs to be tracked for over a 3 year period. 

The Solution: We built the custom leave rule into our system, which is now well suited to cater to any Chartered Accountancy firm, across India. Considering Mr. Todarwal was one of our first trusting customers, and has remained to date, we enjoyed the challenge, specially knowing that few or no other HRMS products would consider this to be a viable customization.
Managing attendance and leave for field staff:

The Client: Mehta Group, established in 1995 by a dynamic Chartered Accountant Mr. Rakeshh Mehta, is a leading financial services organization.

Key Pain Point: The client was running payroll manually using excel and a highly skilled individual in HR to manage the same. Also managing attendance using biometric attendance systems which are mounted at fixed locations, they were not able to track their filed and travelling teams.

The Solution: Our mobile first approach worked well for the client, enabling check-in's on the go that are geofenced and geotagged, enabling field staff to mark attendance and apply for leaves on the go. They also now use our inbuilt visitor management system for their sales teams to book client meetings, thus providing a clear report as to the number of meetings generated by each member of the sales team to their respective reporting line managers.
Handling a 24 hour shift at a factory setup:

The Client: TM Printers Private Limited was founded 50 years ago with a sole mission of leveraging technology and human capabilities to provide the best quality playing cards in the industry.

Key Pain Point: The client was using simple but limited software that would only mark attendance and provide a basic report. However, their shifts across their multiple branches are dynamic and run 24 hours, with a primarily unskilled workforce, who aren't allowed to use mobile phones when at work.

The Solution: Our approach was to not change much so as to disturb a live large workforce across branches. We replicated the attendance mechanism so as to increase adoption and reduce training required. We replaced their existing system with ease and since our attendance module is linked with leave and payroll directly, we successfully eliminated the need for excel and the dependance on humans as well as two to three days of worry for upper management to cross check payroll.

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