Root ID P. L. Fair Usage Policy

This Root ID P. L. Fair Usage Policy (the “Agreement”) is made and entered into by and between you and Root ID P. L. (“Root ID P. L.”), a company incorporated in India under the Companies Act, 1956. This Agreement contains the terms and conditions that govern the use of, and the terms and conditions upon which Root ID P. L. will provide to you access to use the Root ID P. L. Software as a Service (collectively, the “Service”). You are required to indicate your acceptance of the terms and conditions below in order to access and use the Service. By accessing or using the Service, you are consenting to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. This Agreement is applicable to all persons who use or access the Service, in their company’s capacity or on an individual capacity, including authorized users representing the employer, its employees or other persons using or accessing the Service (collectively, “Users”). If you are agreeing to these terms on behalf of a business, you represent and warrant that you have authority to bind that business to this Agreement, and your agreement to these terms will be treated as the agreement of the business. In that event, “you”, “your” and “Customer” refer to that business.

Terms and Conditions

Root ID P. L. is a pre-paid Software as Service. The following sections lay out the terms and conditions clearly for Fair Usage of Root ID P. L..

License fee and payments

License fee paid is for rights to access the cloud software.

You understand and agree that: All fees are quoted and paid to Root ID P. L. are based on license and usage rights acquired and not for actual usage of the software. In other terms, this means that the per-employee license-fee paid is to make the cloud software available for those many users as you requested and is not linked to its actual usage.

The fee for accessing the software is prepaid and you shall not seek, nor shall you be entitled to receive any refunds for non-usage by one or many users.

You understand and agree that: As a SaaS player, Root ID P. L. makes its software available to you As Is. This means that the license fee paid is for the features currently made available on Root ID P. L..

The Root ID P. L. HRMS software has plenty of features but those features are not by any means exhaustive to all customers and their unique requirements. Hence the per-employee license-fee paid is to access the software with the current list of functionalities.

Features are updated on a regular basis based on the roadmap of Root ID P. L. and all updates are published within Root ID P. L. on a monthly basis.

You were encouraged to verify that the software meets all their requirements during the Free Trial period and you verified the same.

By choosing to subscribe to Root ID P. L., you hereby accept that the software meets all (or almost all) your necessary requirements and is sufficient to carry out your HR operation.

You shall not seek, nor shall you be entitled to receive any refunds if you have additional requirements beyond the current functionality.

Minimum commitments from Customer.

You agree and understand that: In order to avail discounts/favourable pricing provided by Root ID P. L. or any additional features beyond the ones in the subscribed plan, you make commitments to Root ID P. L. of either number of employees or minimum billing period (term of subscription) or both. Any and all modifications from the published plan charges are only accorded because of these commitments

You cannot modify/revise these commitments during the term of the plan. You can choose to revise the same at the time of renewal of the plan.

Should you decide to modify the commitments, the discounts/favourable pricing and/or additional features provided beyond the subscribed plan, shall be modified accordingly.

While the license fee is described as “per employee per month”, all subscription charges are collected for the minimum committed billing period.

Changes in Root ID P. L.’s Subscription Plans and Pricing offered.

You agree and understand that: Root ID P. L. reserves the rights to modify the modules, features and pricing for a subscription plan at its sole discretion. Any changes to said plans shall be updated on the Root ID P. L. website on their pricing page and billing users shall be notified of the change in the applicable plan. Customers shall be given 3 months before the new subscription shall be applicable.

Example 1: If you are on a quarterly plan starting in January and the subscription plans and pricing are changed in May, your billing users shall be informed of the same. You shall continue to be in the same plan from January to March, April to June and July to September. From October onwards, the new subscription plan shall be applicable to you and the invoice would be generated accordingly.

Example 2: For the same case above, if you are on a half yearly plan from January and the plan changes in May, then you will continue to be billed according to your existing plan January to June and July to December. From January of the next year is when your plan will change. If the plan was changed in March, then new pricing would be applicable from July onwards as 3 months would be concluded.

Customer’s choice to modify their Subscription Plans and Add Ons.

You agree and understand that: Customers cannot modify their subscription plan in the middle of the existing subscription period and can only opt to modify their subscription plans (or reduce any Add Ons subscribed to) in the subsequent renewal cycle by choosing one of the plans published on Root ID P. L.’s pricing page.

Customers can however choose to add any Add On Modules during the subscription period.

Billing Period Start Date .

You agree and understand that: You have already chosen the amount of time you’d like to have a grace period based on the Set Up fee that you have opted to pay. The same is reflected in your first invoice.

You are recommended to complete your onboarding during that time and get started with using the system to avoid loss of valuable billing days.

The speed of onboarding is completely dependent on your preparedness with data, policies and your availability.

All payment through online payment modes or payment gateway .

You agree and understand that: You must pay for the subscription through online payment modes or payment gateway only.

While paying through online payment modes such as NEFT/RTGS/IMPS you can transfer to account details mentioned in the billing portal.

While opting for the payment gateway in billing portal customer can choose to pay through credit card, debit card, or online banking. Payment through cheques and DD are not accepted.

Payment before at least two days before subscription expiry.

You agree to make subscription payments at least 2 (two) days before the Subscription Expiry Date. Since most online payment modes take at least two days to process and remit the payment, customers agree to pay at least two days before the subscription expires for uninterrupted access to the software.

Agree not to raise concerns of not being serviced since payment reminders are sent to the billing user in advance and you understand that the system may Block services in case payments are not made in time.

Non-refundable payments .

You understand and agree that all payment obligations under any and all order forms are non-cancellable, and all payments made are non-refundable. The license rights for the number of employees set forth on any respective Order Form cannot be decreased during the term.

Product features and functionality

New features development and feature deprecation

You understand and agree that: Root ID P. L. shall develop or eliminate features at its sole discretion. You have no obligation to provide any feature enhancements. Root ID P. L. has no obligation to implement every feature enhancement asked for.

Root ID P. L. takes into consideration requirements from all its customers and the product vision in order to decide which features to prioritize. Your requests shall be prioritized accordingly based on severity, frequency of occurrence and how many other customers are affected by the same challenge.

Root ID P. L. follows the process of finalising the feature road map for every quarter with the market’s broad requirements in mind. The features listed in the road maps are delivered at the end of the quarter. Every requirement of a specific customer might not be fulfilled in the current quarter’s feature release but over time most of these recommendations (which are aligned to the long-term vision of the product) become part of the future road map.

Root ID P. L. is not obligated to share timeline for any specific feature’s release. Every feature which is currently available in the product can be tried through the demo account. New features can be viewed and accessed through Root ID P. L. updates tab in the tenant.

Some of the exiting features or functionality are liable to be deprecated in future. Admin users will be notified in advance before the features or functionality is deprecated. Root ID P. L. shall take reasonable efforts to ensure functionality of product is not greatly affected by such deprecations.

Deprecation of feature will have no impact the subscription plan, pricing or invoice.

Subscribing to new features

You understand and agree that: Features are bucketed into existing subscription plans or as Add Ons at the sole discretion of Root ID P. L..

While some new features become part of existing subscription plans at no additional cost, others can be subscribed to as a paid addon. The details of price and minimum commitment of employee count are updated on Root ID P. L.’s website.

If you are on the latest subscription plan, all features added to the plan will automatically be available to you. You can seek help from Customer Support to help set up the same.

Changes in UI and functionality

You understand and agree that:Root ID P. L. shall modify the user experience of the product at its sole discretion. Root ID P. L. shall, to the best of its efforts, abilities and knowledge, modify the UI and functionality to improve user experience for users based on the data and insights available to it (from quantitative and qualitative sources). In this effort the user interface and functionality of a feature on either web or mobile app is likely to change in future.

You need to follow the Root ID P. L. updates tab in the tenant to view/access the latest changes in the software.

Usage Restrictions

You understand and agree that:Several features in Root ID P. L. have usage throttles in-built to ensure they are not abused. These include features like Root ID P. L. API. You can only use these features within such thresholds. Access to features within Root ID P. L. is dependent on the Roles and Permissions granted to the users

Product Support

Root ID P. L. provides multiple support plans. By default, they provide a Shared Remote Support plan free of cost with every subscription. In addition to this, Root ID P. L. offers the following paid subscription plans which can be opted for by you, at your sole discretion.

Shared remote support plan

You understand and agree that:If you have not opted for any paid support plan, you will automatically and by default have the Shared Remote Support plan which is available free of charge.

In this plan, the assistance is provided remotely via call, mail, chat or remote desktop (using Anydesk, TeamViewer etc.) channels.

In this plan, you can only book slots of 1 hour each for every slot you book. You can book multiple slots in a day.

In this plan, for any query raised through these support channels, a product specialist is assigned from the available pool of specialists at that moment. The product specialist might change for every new query raised through the support channels. The product specialist assists multiple customers throughout the day; hence he/she will not be available dedicatedly for one customer.

In this plan, support offered is solely for your authorized admin users which include users with implicit roles such as HR executive, HR manager, payroll manager, global admin etc as mentioned in Root ID P. L..

Root ID P. L. has no obligation, nor shall Root ID P. L. support queries from your employees.

Paid Support Plans

You understand and agree that:You can opt for any of our Paid Support Plans. These include: Remote SPOC, Remote Dedicated Support and Onsite Dedicated Support. You can learn more about these from the Customer Success team. Please reach out to them.

Support for Root ID P. L. product only and not issues caused by 3rd party products/devices

You understand and agree that:Root ID P. L. can only take responsibility for it’s Service and not for any third party services or products (physical, software or otherwise).

Root ID P. L. takes complete responsibility for issues, errors caused by Root ID P. L.’s service.

Root ID P. L. cannot and does not take responsibility for issues, errors and/or changes in your information systems and/or any third party products, hardware or services utilized by you.

Root ID P. L., at its sole discretion, may assist you in diagnosing and resolving issues or errors from such third parties and Root ID P. L. is no way obligated to help with these issues legally or morally.

Your collaboration with Root ID P. L.

In order to extract maximum value from your investment into Root ID P. L., your understand and agree to cooperate and collaborate with Root ID P. L.’s support team in a timely manner with all required data and policies.

You agree to:Book slots with the Root ID P. L. support team and be available at the slots chosen by you.

Be prepared with all the data required to complete the tasks planned for the day. Answer the queries requested by Root ID P. L. Support in a timely and accurate manner.

Respond to emails, chats and calls to resolve issues in a timely manner.

Check and validate configurations of policies on Root ID P. L..

Reconcile and review artefacts from Root ID P. L. (like Payslips, Pay Registers, Attendance Reports, Leave Reports, etc.)

Be proactive and take Root ID P. L. Support’s help in troubleshooting and resolving any issues

Grant access to Root ID P. L. (and its Support employees) to access your tenant and the data uploaded by you to assist you in the onboarding process, configuration changes, issues etc.

Seek Root ID P. L. Support help while updating data and changes in configuration into Root ID P. L. so that it is compliant with your organization’s needs.

You understand and agree that it is completely and solely your responsibility to: Use Root ID P. L. for setting up your HR and Payroll processes as it affects your employees.

Gather data within your organization across all functions (Attendance, Leaves, Payroll, Performance Management, etc.) for setting up the Service and to verify their accuracy and completeness.

Set all required configurations according to your processes and policies and verify their accuracy and completeness. Root ID P. L. Support shall only advise and assist you in making the right decisions.

Reconcile data and reports to ensure the system has been set up completely and accurately according to your policies and processes.

Upload data into Root ID P. L. and manage the same on an ongoing basis. Root ID P. L. Support shall only advise and assist you in making the right decisions.

Manage your data and take backups in a timely manner.

Grant access to Root ID P. L. Support to your tenant and data for assisting in your onboarding set up or with queries, issues, etc.

Update data and changes in configuration into Root ID P. L. in a timely manner so that it is compliant with your organization’s needs.

You understand and agree that Root ID P. L. support shall only: Verify that all required data is present in the requisite format to upload into Root ID P. L.. Root ID P. L. support will not be able to verify the data as accurate or complete.

Guide, Assist in decision making and train you to use Root ID P. L. effectively. Root ID P. L. Support is not responsible for actual validation of mapping processes or policies completely or accurately.

Access your tenant and data should you allow it.

Support for current functionality and not new feature requirements You understand and agree that:Root ID P. L. is only responsible for and shall only support functionality present in the product As Is.

Any features that are not part of Root ID P. L. but needed by you are considered as New Feature Requests

Root ID P. L. is not responsible for supporting any such missing functionality as covered in New Feature Requests

Please refer above New Feature Development and Feature Deprecation to learn about the processes surrounding the same.

Product onboarding support for first time-setup

Timeline for going live You understand and agree that:Setting up Root ID P. L. HRMS involves three steps i.e. 1. configuring the policy, 2. uploading the data and 3. reconciling if the policy and data are working as required. These three steps repeat to setup each module i.e. attendance, leaves,, etc. Since the policy and data is unique to each customer the time and effort to setup the system varies. For example an organisation with 20 leave plans, 1000 employees, and 10 salary components will obviously take more time than an organisation with 10 leave plans, 50 employees and 5 salary components.

Root ID P. L. can only give an estimate on the onboarding completion based the data and policies provided by you. Should either the data, policies or processes in your organization change, the onboarding completion plan and timelines are bound to change. Sticking to the plan, being prepared with the data, policies and processes of your organization will help move the onboarding process faster. Root ID P. L. has completed onboarding for some organizations within 1 week while other organizations have taken as long as 12 weeks.

You must drive the process by setting up calls and being completely available and dedicated during the same.

Root ID P. L. shall assign a Point of Contact that will assist you throughout your onboarding process, until it is completed.

Completing first-time setup or going live with the software is independent of billing You understand and agree that:While Root ID P. L. will assist in the first-time setup, the time taken to complete it and going live is entirely dependent on you.

Your preparedness with data & policies, your daily availability and support plan subscribed dictates the first time setup time.

The software is accessible from the day tenant is created. Billing will start after the default setup time as chosen by you (as reflected in your invoice). Hence completing first-time setup or going live with the software doesn’t not affect the billing cycle or invoice

Customer data on Root ID P. L.

Support accessing the tenant You understand and agree that:By granting access to Root ID P. L. Support personnel, they can access your tenant and the data you have uploaded.

If you do not grant such access, Root ID P. L. Support shall not access your account. For support in such cases, you can opt to provide access through Team Viewer to ensure Root ID P. L. Support personnel can view your tenant’s configuration and details only in your presence and through your user credentials. Support in such cases takes more time and effort.

You can disable Root ID P. L. Support’s access to your tenant at any time you please. As a matter of policy, no Root ID P. L. Support personnel has the authority to make changes to the data and configuration in your tenant.

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